The Country Our Children Want to Live in

Radim is a planner, not only because of his heavy workload but also thanks to his ability to see the bigger picture. As an entrepreneur, he can see things in a broad context and on the long-term horizon.


Czech Transport Initiative 2038

Together with his team, he founded the Czech Transport Initiative 2038, which is a plan for addressing transport infrastructure needs in the country. The proposal envisions completing 1,239 km of highways and 1,356 km of expressways, building high-speed railway lines, and extending the underground railway system in Prague by 84 km. Increasing its effectiveness and connecting it with suburban railway lines would significantly contribute to developing regions, eliminating traffic jams in Prague and surrounding areas, and strengthening the Czech economy.


Developing Buildings to Enrich the Republic

“I want my sons to want to live here one day,” says Radim in connection with another initiative he presented in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and its head, Minister Dostálová. This initiative draws attention to the importance of real estate development projects in the Czech Republic and the need to change societal attitudes towards construction activity. Furthermore, it presents the general public with the results of expert studies showing the extensive positive benefits of building construction to the state budget and economic growth. For instance, the state budget (and therefore Czech citizens) receives up to 76% of every Czech koruna spent on construction. In addition, society makes 4x more money from renting office buildings than their owner. In addition, real estate development creates both temporary and permanent jobs and generates resources for improving the quality of life in the neighborhood. The initiative’s slogan, “You’ll profit from your neighbor’s construction.” fully captures the essence of the message Radim is trying to spread about the benefits to society.