“The Lord Jesus Christ gave us the Ten Commandments as a moral standard expressing God’s character of the purest love. The second commandment, for our own good, forbids us to make and worship idols or statues. That is why a memorial, or a monument will never be an idol for me. When the Lord created our Earth in six days and everything living on it, he gave us at the end of the creation week, the seventh day Sabbath as the eternal memorial of Creation to remember what “production line” we come from. And how do we remember that today?  The only human building that was ever associated with the abiding presence of God was Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. Yet in history, always in cases of Israel’s moral decline, God has repeatedly allowed the destruction of this magnificent “monument”. What is the lesson in this? Without the moral integrity coming from the determination to preserve God’s Ten Commandments, even the preservation of monuments will not bring us sustainable prosperity: spiritual, moral, and economic as well. Conclusion? I love monuments but give them an adequate place in the ranking of my values.” Radim Passer