Radim Passer

Entrepreneur, visionary, lover of football and fast cars, husband and father, and above all, a follower of Jesus Christ.

About Radim

We participate in many activities and areas throughout our lives, and Radim Passer is no different. Get to know the main areas of his life.


Having Found the Real Meaning of Life

What does Radim believe and why?
What values are the most important to him?

Radim believes the Holy Bible is God’s letter to mankind. It is the foundation of his faith. At the beginning of his spiritual journey, after studying the Bible, he decided to be baptized into the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Husband, Father,
and Priest of the Family

Family is one of the most essential priorities in Radim’s life. What principles guide his family?

Radim´s wifes name is Barbora and he is the father of six sons. His family environment is inspired by the Christian principles found in the Bible. He is doing his best to lead his children to God. The values he promotes are based on reverence and mutual respect.


When Your Neighbor Builds Something,
You Get Richer, Too


The Brumlovka development began as an administrative center. Today it is the heart of a modern district of Prague.


Roztyly is a modern urban project of residences, workplaces, and leisure opportunities.


What do "Bohemians", Messi, and Fast Cars Have in Common?

The game of football

This lifelong hobby is dominated by Pelé and Messi, along with Bohemians 1905.

The joy of driving

There are three key aspects to the joy of driving: speed, power, and acceleration.

417 km/hr

Hitting “417“ on the German autobahn gained Radim the attention of the media and the general public.